6051 Polyimide film

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6051 polyimide film is a typical general-purpose polyimide film which has been used successfully in application at temperatures as low as-269℃and as high as 400℃. It is an excellent heating-resistant material with the characteristics

 of high insulationexcellent mechanical propertychemical stabilityradiation resistanceself-extinguishing and so on.



 low and high temperature resistance,

 excellent electrical insulating physical & chemical resistance

 flame retardant

 radiation retardant



  Wire & cable insulationslot linerinterlayer insulation in motor, transformer etc.

  High temperature label& tag

  Insulation blankets

  Mechanical parts

 Electronic parts

 Fiber optics cable

 Automotive diaphragms sensors and manifolds

And widely used in space navigations, electrical motors,transporting machinesweaponsmobileselectronic

instruments,communication equipment and in petrochemical industry.

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