• Aluminum Base Copper Clad Laminates
    FEATURES High mechanical strength and dimensional stability Excellent heating radiating Good electric magnetic shield Easy machinery cutting APPLIC...
  • Ceramic –based Copper Clad Laminate Sheet
    Features: Excellent performance of moisture proof, salt spays proof and fungus proof; Excellent high frequency performance; Excellent thermal conductivity; Thermal expa...
  • CEM-1
    FEATURES Excellent punching property suitable for  punching at 45℃~70℃  Good heat resistance and moisture resistance   IPC 4101 specification is applicable ...
  • CEM-3
    FEATURES Excellent mechanical process ability and punching process applicable Electrical properties and PCB processing are similar to FR-4the wearing of drill bit is much les...
  • 22F
    Modified Epoxy 22F Copper Clad Laminate FEATURES Excellent punching property Suitable for punching at 45~70oC  IPC-410B is applicable  PTH are ...
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