• Fish Paper
    1. DESCRIPTION This product is made from highly purified unbleached sulphate pulp. Normal Thickness: 0.1 – 0.5mm Normal Width:  1000mm,   ...
    PRESSBOARD PSP3052 (TRANSFORMER BOARD PSP3052) TYPE B 3.1 IN ACCORDING TO IEC 641-1   1. DESCRIPTION Pressboard PSP3052 (Transformer Board...
  • Laminated Transformer Board
    1. DESCRIPTION Laminated paperboard is made of High-quality transformer board with caseinpolyester resin or phenolic resin impregnated sheet by hot pressing process. It has obviously good ...
  • High Voltage Cable Paper (110-330kV)
    1.      DESCRIPTION The high voltage cable paper is made from superior sulfate insulating wood pulpunbleacheduncoated and no any adhesive or filling material. Th...
  • Inductor Paper (500kV)
    1.      DESCRIPTION The paper is made from 100% high purity sulfate insulating wood pulp, unbleached, uncoated and no any adhesive or filling material. The thickne...
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