• 6051 Polyimide film
    1.    DESCRIPTION 6051 polyimide film is a typical general-purpose polyimide film which has been used successfully in application at temperatures as low as-269℃and as high ...
  • Polyimide film with FEP coated
    1.    DESCRIPTION This is a heat sealable film which is made by polyimide film with one side or double side FEP coated. When combined with FEP resinthe Polyimide film remai...
  • Polyimide Film for Voice Coil
    1.      DESCRIPTION Polyimide film for voice coil is a high dimension stability filmbesides the properties of general-purpose polyimide film; such type gives supe...
  • Thick Polyimide film(HN)
    1.    DESCRIPTION Thick polyimide film is specially used for laminating and insulator. It possesses all features of general-purpose polyimide film with excellent mech...
  • Polyimide CR film
    1.      DESCRIPTION CR Polyimide Film can specially withstand the damaging effects of “corona”which can cause ionization and eventual breakdown of an insulation m...
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